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Experiment. Dubna Experiment. Dubna

Create new power sources. Extract the internal energy of radioether...

Picotech in Russian Schools Picotech in Russia

Picotech: Scientific discoveries Scientific discoveries

CASP10 Picotech-2012 Picotech-2012

Any form you can print on a 3D printer

Professor Sheleg of us need picotech model of clathrate xenon

It has been manufactured in the laboratory Nanoworld free for one working day.

Picotech models for Victoria Sokolik.

tRNA picotech model

Proteins models for University

Proteins models for Spanish laboratory.

Isomers nitrobenzene for Dnepropetrovsk laboratory.

Maybe Your work we want to do free?

We can specially for You or Your organization make a new scientific
discovery, create high technologies, pilot production ...

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Meeting of Alexander Kushelev with Vladimir Bragynskiy

How to invest Hi-Tech ?

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